Custom signs for Healthcare

Custom signs for Healthcare

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If you are looking for information on custom signs for healthcare, you will undoubtedly know the importance of having one of them when you enter your doctor’s office or health center and in other areas of your facilities.

As it is an important investment, it is essential to have good quality signage, both in design and in their manufacture. For that reason, it is here, in the right place.

But what benefits can a custom sign bring to your health company?

  • Give a good professional image
  • Create a safe climate, an image of security and confidence
  • Calm the anxiety of the patient and that of his companions
  • Help them easily locate themselves in the facilities
  • Satisfy the patient from his arrival

These are just some of the advantages of signs for hospitals for the patient and their relatives during the time they must remain in the institution.

Examples of effective personalized signage in Healthcare facilities

Many are the Healthcare centers that have already discovered the multiple advantages of having signs for health centers. Some through interior signs, others through monument signs in their entrances.

Fortunately, there are many Loyalty Signs client medical centers that have chosen us and are satisfied with the results obtained:

  • Sanitas Medical Center: implemented a reverse channel letter for its health center.
  • Care Max: Adopted a variety of banners, its lightbox stands out for its design.
  • Century Medical Center: added a reverse channel letter to its architecture.
  • Custom Delta: Leaned for a pylon sign to make it easy to locate and view your office.
  • Vidamax: successfully implemented interior signs that highlight the design of the place.

As they could already verify, the types of signage that adapt to each of the needs of their institutions and patients are very varied.

A type of sign that is also beginning to be seen in the health sector is the LED sign. Add the advantages of LED lighting, efficiency and economy, and the contributions of LED screens that can provide permanently updated information.

Types of signage for health establishments

Let’s talk about the signages characteristics so you can choose the best option for your healthcare centre. We re going to see how do they like:

The Monument Signs are freestanding constructions that can be found at the entrance to a building or commercial complex. They can be elevated or erected on the ground and frequently feature lighting, eye-catching fonts, and brand logos in a sleek, bespoke design. Stone, metal, and concrete are just a few of the materials that can be used to create them.

The Pylon Signs are big vertical columns, used to indicate a business’ location or to give drivers directional guidance on roads. Typically, they include a colorful, unique style with big fonts and a wide range of graphics and logos. They come in glass, steel, and aluminum varieties and can be lit.

Individual letters with depth and internal lighting makeup channel letters. To make the sign stand out even more, these letters are fixed directly on the building front or on a freestanding structure. With a choice of typefaces and lighting effects, they can be incredibly colorful and personalized.

The Lightbox highlights a company’s name or logo, and are constructed from lightboxes with inside lights. They can be used both inside and outside and come in a variety of sizes and forms. They typically have a transparent surface for displaying the printed designdisplaying the printed design, they typically have a transparent surface, and the illumination can be either static or dynamic.

Finally, the reverse channel letters are constructed of individual letters that are fixed on the wall with a space behind them, giving the impression of depth and shadow. They are frequently lit from above to draw attention to the letter’s outline. They can be built from a variety of materials, including aluminum, steel, brass, or copper, and are frequently customized.

Now we know the signage’s characteristics, it is time to mention that for example, in Miami, Florida, the placement of all types of flags on public roads, signs with flashing or animated images, devices that attract the attention of drivers, among others, are prohibited.

They are considered to represent a risk to the safety of motorists or bystanders, unnecessarily add to visual pollution and impede permanent public passage.

visual pollution and impede permanent public passage

The Services we offer for our clients

From Loyalty Signs we carry out the procedures to obtain said qualifications. For this, we have a team of experts in the subject that will know how to guide and help you to comply with all the provisions established by the ordinances of each city: Occasionally in this sense, some of our services are:

  • Complete the permit application.
  • Perform Engineering Calculations
  • Obtain the contractor’s license
  • Seal of approval and closure.

In all cases, before installing a specific sign, you must ensure that it complies with each of the legal regulations of the place where it is going to be placed.

Some governments even prohibit the placement of billboards on public roads. Others require the use of certain materials, designs or colors.

Therefore, if you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us and consult us. Our professionals will always be willing to listen to your queries and find a solution.

What services does our Sign Firm provide

What services does our Sign Firm provide? 

For several years now, at Loyalty Signs we have been designing and manufacturing signage in Miami, USA. In addition, we have specialized in custom signs for healthcare.

In this way, we provide signage solutions to health care centers, dental centers, hospitals, clinics and offices.

At Loyalty Signs we take care of the entire process, from design, installation, maintenance, to repair and replacement of signs. But not only that, we accompany our clients at each stage with complete information and professional advice.

Therefore, you can count on our professionalism and experience.

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I was doing groceries at a local shopping plaza and saw their truck. I approached the guys working and got a card. I proceeded to call the office and the sales lady was very courteous and nice. I sent my info over for a quote and in less than 24hours we had a quote, invoice and contract signed/negotiated to get the work done the same day. We are very pleased with them and the work they did. They were done in less than 45minutes.
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Exceptional service from Loyalty Signs in crafting and installing our new storefront signage at Milano's Pizzas! The owner, Richard, personally attended both the consultation and installation, ensuring every detail was meticulously cared for. His hands-on approach, paired with his team's skill and professionalism, delivered a product that not only elevates our brand but also brilliantly illuminates our presence on the street. The vibrant, high-quality sign has become a beacon for customers, leading them to our authentic Italian offerings. A heartfelt thank you to Richard and the Loyalty Signs team for their unmatched dedication and for magnificently bringing our vision to life!
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