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Homestead is a commercial city with many quality business signs visible on a quick stroll through the streets. How do you make yours stand out?

  • Keep the location in mind when designing your storefront
  • Optimize your visibility with the right type of signage
  • Safeguard the identity of your brand, you’ll need a good business sign companie to guarantee that objective.

Using reverse halo illuminated channel letters on your storefront, what do you need to know?

Reverse Channel Letter

Each component is illuminated individually, behind the visible face, causing a shine on the wall, which provides distinction. This visual effect unfolds its full potential during nights or seasons with little natural light.

Although they are also recommended during the day, since the play of lights and colors allows this effect to maintain its strength without the need for nighttime contrast. The Reverse Channel Letter stands out in

  • Conspicuousness The human eye is naturally drawn to light, especially when the brightness is contrasting.
  • Nighttime Visibility Meets that goal regardless of weather conditions or the schedule.
  • Positive perception of the brand : a modern and quality marquee conveys a first sense of trust that will positively predispose customers.

Pylon or monument signs and their legal regulations in Homestead Miami, what should we consider?

Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs are the ideal option to advertise a series of different businesses, a variant that allows nearby businesses to be visible in strategic spaces, such as main roads or areas with high pedestrian traffic, attracting potential customers. In addition, the lighting reinforces the attention on the trade.

They are the classic signage of Shopping Plaza, grocery store, parking lots or commercial buildings with many tenants, adaptable to the aesthetic requirements of the client and that, due to their manufacturing materials, guarantee fidelity in the reproduction of logos or original typography.

Monument Signs

Monument Signs are independent, concrete structures made of stone, marble, brick, concrete or metal as a support for a one-dimensional message, shape or figure.

It is the most chosen option by organizations that try to project solidity, such as schools, condominiums, churches, etc. It inspires durability, longevity and permanence, and guarantees a memorable visibility producing greater memory fixation.
As in any other area of advertising, in the signage industry there are also legal regulations to consider when defining the advertising strategy. There are legal requirements to consider related to:

  • Width
  • Height
  • Color
  • Font size
  • Materials
  • building overhang
  • Content (some communities restrict the content of messages)

It is important to make a prior inquiry about these regulations in your area, the following Google search string may be useful:

Your Zip Code + Signage Zoning Regulations or Your City + Signage Zoning Regulations

What do our Signage Company offer?

We consider certain practices to be essential for the design and implementation of any signage project and we guarantee:

  • A joint projection with the client to determine the most convenient alternative;
  • Design of the strategy in the original place;
  • Faithful reproduction of logos, fonts and colors;
  • Virtual sketch prior to installation;
  • Operational commissioning with customer approval;
  • Comprehensive installation;
  • Warranty for the electrical system of the billboard. 

Many times, street advertising can be a fun but cumbersome project. That’s why we recommend considering the following guidelines when creating your own outdoor business marquee.

  1. Define the objective of the strategy, this answers the question “What are we going to advertise?”
  2. Get advice on current regulations in your area, related to outdoor visual advertising
  3. Evaluate the ideal location, we recommend considering the general layout of the rest of the buildings and adjoining businesses
  4. Define the best signage for business alternatives, its components and techniques, the variety that best suits your needs and those of your brand’s commercial identity.

We are close to you, get to know us.

We have creatives specialized in the outdoor visual advertising industry, highly trained and with effective availability to advise you.

In and around Lake Wales, Florida, our work is widely recognized, thanks to the results obtained by the brands that have chosen us.

The ideal sign for Homestead neighbors

A point that requires a special section within the considerations prior to your outdoor visual advertising strategy is the location of your business. Specifically in Homestead Miami sign business, we bring you the characteristics of the main neighborhoods that are useful to consider:

South Beach

It is the neighborhood that appears in any series or film shot in this city. With a large tourist flow and with an Art Deco aesthetic, with bright colors and use of open public space, with umbrellas on almost all sidewalks, it encourages the display of vibrant digital signage of all types of premises or businesses.

North Miami Beach

A landscape almost opposite to the previous one, in the north of the Beach low houses and varied vegetation are equally distributed. With less tourist activity and a focused commercial area, here the “cinematic” tone of the city is already erased, with a more sober and familiar air.

Downtown Miami

Here we definitely run away from the vacation energy of the city, to enter the international financial and banking center of the city, with great vehicular traffic and skyscraper-type buildings, with a greater presence of concrete and an almost monochrome palette.

Wynwood And The Design District

Four minutes away, the most expensive clothing brands and a recovered space coexist, which, based on the strategic use of Street Art, has gone from being a large vacant lot to becoming an open-air museum, full of murals and pedestrian paths.

Little Havana

Cuba is open 24 hours, the rumba is held until dawn and in its bars you can get an authentic Cuban coffee, smoke a cigar or play dominoes. The offer of varied Latin cultural productions reinforces the deep meaning of its name: a little piece of Havana lives in the heart of Miami.

Coconut Grove

Farther away from the various stimuli of the city, with a village air, what was once a hippie settlement, is today an ideal space for small cafes and shops with glass windows protected by convex awnings. This neighborhood exudes a more moderate and familiar energy, with simple products and services on offer.

Coral Gables

Banyan trees, luxurious buildings, a Venetian swimming pool and an avenue covered with colorful umbrellas; a village-like center surrounded by shops, cafes and restaurants: this location feels like a space out of time. Here you can perceive, without great effort, a stable and comfortable population, with tradition and splendor.

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