Also called pole signs, Pylon signs are freestanding stainless steel signs that can display a message on both sides and be illuminated or backlit.

  • They are attractive and highly visible.
  • business sign that can be in all kinds of places
  • You can combine text and images in an eye-catching and creative way.


Some of the reasons to choose Pylon Sign are:

  • If your business is far from a main street
  • If your parking lot is in front of your company building.
  • If you want to clearly mark the entrance to your business
  • If your business is obstructed by another building or construction, which makes it difficult for your customers to find it
  • If you want to attract additional traffic from a nearby freeway
  • If your business is in an industrial zone, where there are long distances between plants and warehouses, so that motorists can find you more easily.


What benefits do pylon signs offer?


The large size of a Pylon Sign sign allows it to be transformed into a huge canvas and your company’s message to stand out with its creativity. Its larger size provides the possibility of having enough space to include images, logos and texts comfortably.


A Pylon Sign can be placed in the most attractive places. Generally, the location of signs in places of poor visibility is negative for the message you want to show your audience. Placing a commercial signage on a highway will draw powerful attention and that reach will allow you to attract more customers.


Due to their great height, Pylon Sign can be seen from a great distance. This makes them a great communication channel, so that your company’s advertisement reaches more people.

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Depending on the laws of each state, you may have certain restrictions on the height of a sign that you can put up. This could be an important factor in choosing between a Pylon Sign or a Monument SignMonument Signs are generally around 5 feet tall. In other words, its design is designed to display the message at eye level without altering the surrounding landscape.

Both the Pylon Signs and the Monuments Signs are similar in location, away from your main building. Generally, they are located at the entrance of the property or on the side of roads and highways. In this way, they manage to have good visibility for customers. Their main difference is height, as Pylon Signs are considerably taller.

In the event that your business is located in a mixed area with residential houses, condominium buildings, offices and stores, it might be more convenient to choose a Monument Sign so as not to interfere with the visual aesthetics of the area.


  • Our company was created with the aim of providing environmentally friendly products. From the beginning, we have practiced lean manufacturing and business practices in the high-quality, affordable business signs.

    Our highly trained staff will help you with your sign project from the first contact. We provide personalized monitoring of each service. If you are looking for a responsible and efficient sign company, do not hesitate to contact us.

    • We talk about the type of commercial signage and define the best solution for your business
    • We visit the commercial premises to take measures and have the necessary information for the creation of the notice.
    • We request the logos and names of your trade or business in editable files or, if necessary, we redesign them.
    • We prepare a virtual sketch for the client, so that they can see how the notice will look when it is installed.
    • Once approved by the client, we begin to carry it out.
    • We finish the work specifying the installation at the customer’s premises.
    • We grant a guarantee for the electrical system of the signage.

Loyalty Signs offer the following services:

We are the best option if your company needs to renew its lightbox signage, because we provide:

  • 3 years warranty in electrical components.
  • 15 years of experience in creating signs for business.
  • Best price-quality ratio.
  • Custom signs
  • We carry out your business sign in record time.
  • Sign Permitting experts
  • Sign site survey service according to your state.
  • Quote & Design in 24hrs.
  • Installation Service
  • All our customer rate us 5 stars.


We have become the leading Miami signs company in South Florida, producing signs on a regional, national and international scale. We are committed to producing the highest quality products. To achieve this we only work with suppliers and manufacturers of the highest reputation in the industry.

We understand that signage is a major investment, that’s why we use certified premium sign making equipment and techniques. In this way, we create high-impact signs with the best quality so that you obtain optimal results for your business. We work hard with a special team as a family.

In this way we have earned the trust of many customers who choose us again and recommend us. Clients who feel comfortable with our services and achieve great results at the end of each project


In each state there is a specific regulation for the use of public signage. Even local governments can prohibit the placement of posters on public roads. Other states require that signs follow certain designs and colors in the immediate areas of shopping malls.

For this reason, it is important that before choosing, you make sure that the type of commercial sign that you are going to install complies with the legal provisions of the state in which you will locate it.

Some areas in Miami where we place pylon signs:

  • Doral
  • Miami Springs
  • Miami Lakes
  • Hialeah
  • Gladeview
  • West Little River
  • Miami Beach 
  • Cayo Biscayne
  • Cayo Vizcaíno
  • Coral Gables
  • West Miami
  • Coral Terrace
  • South Miami
  • Pinecrest
  • Bahía Palmetto
    West Miami
  • Coral Terrace
  • Kendall
  • Kendale Vergota
  • Westchester
  • Brownsville
  • West Little River
  • Miami Shores
  • North Miami
  • North Miami Beach
  • Aventura
  • North Bay Village
  • Fountainbleau
  • El Portal
Excellent service best prices in Miami
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Dante Del Castillo
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Hakki Ilker Dengizli
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James King
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Excellent work done! They have a great graphic design team, professional sign installers. The result is exactly what we are looking for
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We have renewed our sign, replacing it with a high quality led sign. Thanks to Loyalty for the work done, and for their kind and professional attention
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Milay Santana
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The signane solutions that you need. Light Box Services: Design, permit requirements,fabrication and installation.
The signane solutions that you need.
Light Box Services: Design, permit requirements,
fabrication and installation.

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