Also known as “Halo-lit Channel Letters,” they are the signs where each letter or figure is illuminated from the back of the design, producing a backlight on the wall. What sets this product apart is its elegant and eye-catching design. This is transferred to the advertised brand or product. 

  • This type of business sign is mainly recommended for premises that are open 24 hours a day
  • Not exclusive in daytime establishments, since, beyond its lighting function, its main attribute is to produce a distinctive impact.
  • They are made of painted aluminum sheets that are covered on the back with transparent acrylic through which the lights inside shine
  • They produce a halo effect on the reverse, with the possibility of adapting them to the font, color and features brand shapes.


At Loyalty Sign we focus on personalizing our advertising services to the maximum,
 planning, with your help, the most effective option to highlight your product or service.

We carry out location reconnaissance, we internalize ourselves with your brand logos, we carry out virtual testing -prior to installation- to evaluate improvement opportunities and, once approved, we deploy the fastest and most efficient installation strategy possible.


We understand that the advertising investment of a brand is a responsibility that not only implies economic outlay, but also involves the prestige of our client’s business. In this sense, we have always worked attentively to these two variants, considering that the main concession of our clients is their trust. All this in balance with the creativity and quality that is expected within the field, integrating the best techniques and materials available.


A light box is ability to showcase a business’s logo or message in a vibrant and eye-catching way. They are typically made from durable materials such as aluminum or acrylic and feature bright LED lighting that illuminates the sign’s graphics.


Can be customized to match any business’s brand identity, using a wide range of fonts, colors, and images. This makes them an ideal choice for businesses looking to create a unique and memorable visual identity. This signs can be used both indoors and outdoors


These commercial signs have a long durability. They are designed to withstand the elements, and with proper maintenance, can last for many years. This makes them a cost-effective investment for businesses that want a long-lasting signage solution.

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Creative Flexibility

Thanks to the manufacturing techniques and materials, the Channel Letters can easily faithfully reproduce almost any shape or figure without much difficulty.

Visual Clarity

The three-dimensional design together with processes such as the return, the cut cover and the faces that accompany the creation of these letters, facilitates their reading at a great distance and produces an automatic recognition of, for example, logos.


This kind of signs favors outdoor advertising, resisting, in prolonged periods, the weather and its conditions. This is so precisely because the materials used for its manufacture, such as aluminum or acrylic, are highly resistant.

Loyalty Signs offer the following services:

We are the best option if your company needs to renew its lightbox signage, because we provide:

  • 3 years warranty in electrical components.
  • 15 years of experience in creating signs for business.
  • Best price-quality ratio.
  • Custom signs
  • We carry out your business sign in record time.
  • Sign Permitting experts
  • Sign site survey service according to your state.
  • Quote & Design in 24hrs.
  • Installation Service
  • All our customer rate us 5 stars.


Illuminated signs are a very effective variant of commercial visibility, they guarantee impact, generate memory
in the recipient and highlight your products and services. Among its main benefits, we can consider:

A sign with LED lights, compared to any standard sign, naturally highlights any image, message or figure, especially when the brightness contrasts with a monotonous environment. The human eye receives a stimulus that produces immediate attention, even at a distance.

The use of illuminated signs maximizes your advertising effectiveness, even in times or seasons of low natural light. For this reason, it is the ideal option for nightclubs, such as bars or restaurants, or businesses that work 24 hours a day, such as gas stations or pharmacies.

Every detail of your logo or insignia can be reproduced with the advantage of being highlighted by the effect that light produces on perception. It transmits vibration, elegance and sophistication.



At Loyalty Sign, we provide personalized monitoring of each project. We stand out for having highly qualified personnel and renowned suppliers for better results. Our products guarantee absolute respect for the commercial identity of each client, without neglecting the innovation and creativity that this industry demands.

  • We take care of each project in a personalized way.
  • We define the placement strategy in the same place of installation.
  • We respect the identity of the brand, protecting its logos and faithfully reproducing them.
  • We carry out virtual tests to evaluate the most convenient installation method.
  • Each stage of the process is closed with the approval of the client;
  • All our electrical systems are guaranteed.
  • También tenemos fábrica de letreros para negocios en español!
Exceptional service from Loyalty Signs in crafting and installing our new storefront signage at Milano's Pizzas! The owner, Richard, personally attended both the consultation and installation, ensuring every detail was meticulously cared for. His hands-on approach, paired with his team's skill and professionalism, delivered a product that not only elevates our brand but also brilliantly illuminates our presence on the street. The vibrant, high-quality sign has become a beacon for customers, leading them to our authentic Italian offerings. A heartfelt thank you to Richard and the Loyalty Signs team for their unmatched dedication and for magnificently bringing our vision to life!
Jose Bautista
Jose Bautista
23:31 13 Oct 23
Great company and employeesI highly recommend them, they put my business sign in a timely fashion 👌. Love them, thank you
Gilmer Bautista
Gilmer Bautista
21:49 13 Oct 23
Excellent service best prices in Miami
Dante Del Castillo
Dante Del Castillo
03:15 10 Aug 23
Loyalty signs was the first company that I found in all my life working in business it’s fast, responsible people I highly recommended.
Lucy Contreras
Lucy Contreras
20:10 24 Mar 23
Very professional! Always on time. You can trust.
Hakki Ilker Dengizli
Hakki Ilker Dengizli
22:53 10 Mar 23
Thank you so much. They came out and replaced all the lights within out commercial exterior sign and cleaned all the letters. It looks Brand New now.
James King
James King
23:34 21 Jan 23
Excellent work done! They have a great graphic design team, professional sign installers. The result is exactly what we are looking for
Katrin Rother
Katrin Rother
14:25 15 Oct 22
We have renewed our sign, replacing it with a high quality led sign. Thanks to Loyalty for the work done, and for their kind and professional attention
Michael Rau
Michael Rau
14:20 15 Oct 22
The signane solutions that you need. Light Box Services: Design, permit requirements,fabrication and installation.
The signane solutions that you need.
Light Box Services: Design, permit requirements,
fabrication and installation.

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