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The right custom sign to highlight your business can be made a reality by the best professionals in Fort Lauderdale, Loyalty Signs.

  • We have professionals specialized in designing and manufacturing high-quality products.
  • Our products are environmentally friendly, and our business and manufacturing practices are efficient.
  • Also, we use certified tools and specialized manufacturing methods to make storefront letterings that get people’s attention so that your business can benefit most.
  • We have the most competitive prices on the market and we work with the best materials.
  • All our products come with a warranty

For those reasons, we’ve become a leader in the region, marketing our products regionally and nationally. Many of our customers come back because they feel comfortable with our services and get great results.

That’s why we are the solution you are looking for in commercial signage. We manufacture everything from storefront to monument to large-scale pylon signs.

From the first contact, our professional staff is available to assist and accompany you in your project. So do not hesitate to contact us now.

The importance of having a proper commercial sign

Having a presence in Fort Lauderdale, Florida goes beyond having a great exterior commercial sign – it requires you to stand out among the many businesses located in this vibrant and bustling city. Nicknamed the “American Venice” due to its network of navigable canals, it’s a great tourist destination, offering countless recreational activities and entertainment options that attract millions of visitors each year.

If you’re looking to have your business noticed in this paradise, you’ll need a storefront that is not only attractive and eye-catching, but also perfectly reflects your brand’s image. 

  • The design should also be in keeping with the tropical and Caribbean aesthetic that’s so prevalent here. 
  • Furthermore, your sign could concisely provide any and all relevant information about your business in an effort to make it easier for the public to find you. 
  • When done correctly, it should have a clearly defined purpose and be a great addition to the city’s beauty.
  • At Loyalty we can assist you with all of this so that you can represent your brand in the best possible way.
The channel letters from the Miami Broward Center for the Performing Arts is lost among the foliage. It is critical to properly position each type of sign in order to maximize its potential.

Storefront Signs for FT. Lauderdale’s Shopping Plaza: Tips and Tricks for Success

In this tourist city of Florida, there are numerous shopping malls and shopping centers strategically located on streets and avenues, such as the 17th Street Causeway, which connects with Las Olas. The Southport Shopping Center and South Harbor Shopping Plaza, for example, are located there.

All of them have taken some of these guidelines into account when creating and designing the best storefront letterings:

  • created with precise targets.
  • made in the right size and with materials suitable for outdoor use.
  • Convey the message with a lot of creativity to stand out from the competition.
  • placed in strategic locations
  • Choose designs that are consistent with the brand’s image.
  • made by professionals and creatives.
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Excellent service best prices in Miami
Dante Del Castillo
Dante Del Castillo
03:15 10 Aug 23
Loyalty signs was the first company that I found in all my life working in business it’s fast, responsible people I highly recommended.
Lucy Contreras
Lucy Contreras
20:10 24 Mar 23
Very professional! Always on time. You can trust.
Hakki Ilker Dengizli
Hakki Ilker Dengizli
22:53 10 Mar 23
Thank you so much. They came out and replaced all the lights within out commercial exterior sign and cleaned all the letters. It looks Brand New now.
James King
James King
23:34 21 Jan 23
Excellent work done! They have a great graphic design team, professional sign installers. The result is exactly what we are looking for
Katrin Rother
Katrin Rother
14:25 15 Oct 22
We have renewed our sign, replacing it with a high quality led sign. Thanks to Loyalty for the work done, and for their kind and professional attention
Michael Rau
Michael Rau
14:20 15 Oct 22
They comply with the delivery times, the finishes of the signs are exceptional. Serious and very professional company!
Karan Singh
Karan Singh
16:54 12 Oct 22
I’m so happy with the work, they are so profesional, Thank you guys
Milay Santana
Milay Santana
19:45 17 Sep 22