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When it comes to running a successful business in Lauderhill, having a standout facade can make all the difference. Whether you run a restaurant, hospital, school, or commercial business, a well-designed and well-placed storefront lettering can help attract customers and create a lasting impression. That’s why it’s important to work with a reputable business sign maker in Lauderhill. Here’s what you need to know:

  • One of the most important things to consider when choosing is the location. For example, if your business is located on State Road 7/441, you may want to consider a storefront lettering that is visible from the street. 
  • You will have to think about a size and shape that overcomes the lights and other visual obstacles that stand between your storefront and the passers-by.
  • This could include an exterior lighted sign that catches the eye of passing drivers.
  • On the other hand, if your business is located on Oakland Park Blvd, you may want to consider a large, eye-catching one that can be seen from a greater distance.
  • You can combine different types of posters to cover all fronts and reach more people!

Commercial signage for Restaurants

The right kind of signage can be the key to promoting your restaurant and reaching a wider audience. To achieve this, it’s essential to leverage the surrounding environment to shape the design. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that different types of them serve different purposes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular ones.

  • Monument signs: These are large, freestanding structures that can be seen from a distance. They’re ideal for restaurants located on wide avenues with trees, like Oakland Park Blvd. 
  • Awning signs: These are attached to a restaurant’s awning. They’re great for restaurants located on busy streets, like State Road 7/441, where foot traffic is common.  The disadvantage of this style is that when you close the awning, you stop taking advantage of it, and its useful life is shorter because its materials tend to be less resistant and cannot easily withstand the intense climate of South Florida. Examples of successful restaurants without awning in Lauderhill include IHOP and Denny’s.
  • Channel letter: These are 3D storefront lettering  that use individual letters to spell out a restaurant’s name. They’re great for creating a modern, eye-catching look. Examples of restaurants with channel letter in Lauderhill include McDonald’s and Burger King.

Storefront Signs in Hospitals and Schools

Lauderhill Pointe Plaza commercial signage needing

When we talk about needs for storefront signs in schools and hospitals, we are thinking of establishments that provide a service to the community and not a business that seeks to sell a product or attract customers. For which we must make a clear, friendly and pleasant storefront lettering that transmits the information precisely and synthetically. But even so, we can maintain a personal style that transmits confidence and the character of the institution to which it belongs. As happened with the Florida Medical Center, its front has an elegant and small channel letter that is not visible from the immediate vicinity. So they’ve put up a huge lighted sign that faces the highway and says “Take Me to Florida Medical Center.” A little slogan, a little information.


Channel Letters for Lauderhill’s Shopping Plazas

A good business sign is crucial for Shopping Plaza Lauderhill businesses, as it can significantly impact the first impression that potential customers have of their establishments. Channel Letters are an excellent choice for businesses looking to update their storefronts, offering the following benefits:

  • Different styles, sizes, and unlimited colors can be used to customize Channel Letters to suit the brand’s identity.
  • Customers can choose to light Channel Letters or not, providing a highly flexible design.
  • Channel Letters are easy to manufacture, with a design process that takes less than 24 hours to complete.
  • They are recommended for all types of businesses on any exterior signage, including public buildings, commercial establishments, and interior walls.
  • They are fully customizable, easy to install, and weather-resistant, with electrical components that come with years of warranty.

Currently, Inverrama Shopping Plaza has outdated lightboxes for its businesses, which can negatively affect the impression customers have of them. By updating to illuminated Channel Letters, the shopping plaza can significantly improve its level of trade.

For Lauderhill Pointe Plaza, which has a wide visual field, a combination of pylon signs and new Channel Letters can be used to announce new businesses to the entire neighborhood, making it an ideal option for those just getting started.

How a Commercial Sign Maker Works

Loyalty Signs is committed to providing its customers with world-class products and services, whether their signage needs are regional, national, or international in scale.

Our team is affiliated with only the most reputable suppliers and fabricators in the industry. We understand that renovating the façade is an important investment for our clients, which is why we use premium commercial sign making equipment certified and techniques to create high impact storefront lettering with the best quality that get you incredible results.

  • As a result of our commitment to producing world-class products, we have earned the trust of many customers who keep coming back to us, feeling comfortable with our services and seeing great results at the end of each project.
  • Our company was founded with the objective of providing our customers with environmentally friendly products through efficient manufacturing and business practices. When you need affordable, high quality business signage, we are your solution.
  • At Loyalty, we manufacture a wide variety of signs from attractive lightbox to powerful monuments and anything you could dream up. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you with your project from the time you called us to the installation to follow up service.
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