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Looking for personalized sign for your business in Oakland Park? Look no further than Loyalty Signs, your expert installation team! Our professional and affordable services have helped many businesses, and we’re here to work hard for you.

  • Design your custom storefront lettering
  • Obtain legal permits according to the regulations of Oakland Park
  • Fast and professional installation
  • Regular maintenance and repairs

We are the #1 choice for residents and business owners alike. Our results speak for themselves, and we take pride in creating products that attract more attention to your business.

Permits and regulations for custom commercial signs

It is important to be aware of the legal requirements and regulations. As a professional company, We can assist you in obtaining all the necessary permits and creating a commercial sign that complies with city code. Here are some regulations to consider:

  • All storefront lettering must comply with the city code in Oakland Park.
  • Prior to installation, you need to ensure that all necessary permits are obtained.
  • Each business is allowed one temporary banner while the business is open
  • We can help you take advantage of the City’s allowance for additional products to promote your business within the first 60 days with a Grand Opening Registration Form.

This city is perfectly located near many of the state’s most popular tourist destinations, which is an advantage for developing your business here and making your brand really take off. This city offers a wide variety of commercial options, so you’ll need to make the decision to invest in a strategic format that takes into account your visibility, durability, and impact. To do this, you’ll need to consider:

  • To ensure that your business catches attention and is relevant, it’s important to be aware of the local culture’s preferences, customs, and concerns. The commercial areas along Commercial Boulevard and Dixie Highway are abundant with potential customers. You’ll also notice different types of products that will be part of your environment: traditional channel letters, monument and pylon signs 
  • Tourist attractions include commercial centers such as the incredible and majestic Oakland Park Flea Market Mall and Shopping Center on W Oakland Park Blvd, as well as Gold Coast Plaza, which is always bustling with activity.
  • In areas with great commercial potential, it’s crucial to have a striking and original storefront lettering because there will be a lot of product offerings and competition.

It’s very important that the design is of excellent quality because it will be exposed to a climate that erodes more quickly than others, so materials that are resistant to the specific climate of each region are recommended. The storefront lettering represents a goal, an idea, a business, and must be strong and durable so that your corporate image is seen and perceived the same way at all times.

Who manufactures the best signs?

In a city like Oakland Park, where there are a lot of shops and places to go out, your business sign needs to be creative, elegant, and well-designed to stand out and get the attention of the many people who walk through its streets every day.

For this, there is an excellent alternative in South Florida: Loyalty Signs. We are recognized for the quality of our products and our personalized service. We have become market leaders as we design and manufacture products on a global scale. We work with the best suppliers in the industry and use top-notch equipment to create high-impact pieces.

From the start, we work side by side with the customer, giving them advice and coming up with creative ways to meet all of their needs.

We have made works of all shapes, sizes, and materials, as long as they are environmentally friendly, so we guarantee an excellent result. If you are looking for responsibility and efficiency, our expert staff is always ready to help with your project, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

With us, you will see and recognize your business even on the moon! You will know that all your potential customers will arrive at the right destination.

Signage Branding tips for shopping plazas

big monument sign in oakland park down town

Many factors come into play when deciding on the color, size, style, etc. of a signage for a shopping plaza in South Florida. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

    • Location: The size is important, it should stand out among the rest of the businesses and be well-lit throughout the day.
    • Visibility: It should be visible to all potential customers, from interior streets to highways.
    • Personality: Miami is known for being eye-catching and fun, the storefront lettering should reflect the subtropical spirit of the area.
    • Corporate Identity: It’s not just about what your business does, but how it’s different from competitors.
    • Familiarity and proximity: It should be accompanied by other marketing elements and invite a sense of community. The shopping plaza is a family-friendly place, it should have a style that adapts to all ages and types of customers.
    • Clarity: It should adequately express what it is and what is inside.
    • Quality: In subtropical cities like this one, it’s important to have materials that are resistants to moisture. Aluminum is one of the materials most resistant to wind, rain and sun, so it will last longer.

It’s crucial to take into account your surroundings. If your business is located on East Commercial Boulevard or North Andrews Ave., two of the main access roads to the city, it’s essential to make sure your storefront lettering visible to the traffic passing through the four residential areas within your radius.

These areas are also abundant with a variety of discount stores such as Cigar Outlet, so your design should attract those same customers to provide them with a better option.

If the shopping plaza is located near NW 9th Avenue and the highway that continues on W Oakland Park Blvd, it can attract attention from a distance, not just from those entering the city, but also from those walking in Easterlin Park or visiting Broward County Parks & Recreation and Oakland Bark.

It’s not just about creating an attractive design, but also about the impact it has on your customers and how your business message is conveyed. In other words, it’s about how you create a connection with the diverse consumer base and grow your business exponentially. In this sense, color, material, and font type are crucial components in building brand recognition.

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