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The exterior sign is the first thing potential customers will notice about your business. That is why it is so important to choose the best option so that your business can stand out from the rest.

  • Provides a precise location of your business.
  • Give people news about your store 24/7.
  • Offers an identity to your brand.
  • It manages to provide information in a simple, elementary and fast way.

Business Signs In Miami Fl 

Business signs are essential for companies on South Beach, Ocean Drive and other main points of this great city.

When looking for a sign company in Miami, Fl, do not hesitate to contact us.

At Loyalty we work so that you get the best and that is why when choosing us, we consult you about various issues that make you have an impressive business sign.

The moment you want it to be seen, the languages used, the words, symbols or pictograms are matters to deal with when planning the external signage of your premises.

There will be other questions to reflect on, such as whether it is necessary to include addresses or maps or the place of importance that the brand name will have.

We will also advise you regarding the climatic factors that you must take into account such as temperature and light.

Finally, we will agree on the time it will take to update your business sign.

Indoor & Outdoor Commercial Signs

When it comes to commercial signs, it is key to clearly know the exterior and interior factor. Next, we will describe each one of them and we will know their most important characteristics.


Outdoor Signs

Pylon signs and monument signs greatly contribute to identifying the location of the premises and the personality of the brand.

Although they share these benefits, each one of them has its own characteristics that will make you opt for one or the other according to what is most appropriate for your business and the existing regulations in the area where you want to install them.

Pylon Signs:

  • They can be very large which makes them distinguishable from a distance.
  • Suitable for industrial areas, routes or shopping centers.
  • They allow advertisements from one or more companies given their large size.
  • It has various possibilities regarding the material in which they are made: stone, brick, metal or aluminum.
  • They are adaptable to different sizes, shapes and heights according to the client’s needs.

Monument Signs:

  • Designed for residential environments.
  • It allows adding LED elements to the place that is considered most appropriate, such as the name of the brand or a message. Metal or channel letters can also be attached. Everything will serve when it comes to making your business sign noticeable.
  • It is no larger than 5 feet, which makes it generally located at eye level.
  • It blends very well with the context in which it is displayed without changing it.
  • It has various possibilities regarding the material in which they are made: stone, brick, metal, or aluminum.

Indoor Signs

The space and the possible dimensions that it has, means that an interior sign has to be designed in the best possible way for its correct visualization, since its mission is to make the best impression on potential clients when they enter your business.

We can make them from various materials: PVC, aluminum or acrylic are materials that really help you have a high-quality business sign.

Light Box, a good and smart option

Its cabinet style allows you to design the appearance of the light box quickly and cause clear visibility.

This kind of business sign gives fast and simple attention to what you want to show, be it a brand, a logo or a personalized message.

They can be installed for both exterior and interior use. In any case, we will advise you to choose the best option.

Channel Letters, most used styles in the city

Nowadays, businesses that want to position their brand choose channel letters. This type of business sign presents the letters, numbers, and symbols of the brand in a three-dimensional format and with the chance to illuminate them individually. They are recommended for all types of outdoor signage, be it buildings, commercial or interior walls. They have the possibility of using different styles, sizes, and colors. The flexible design allows the entire process to take less than 24 hours to complete. Easy to transport and install, they are a durable product that resists the ravages of the weather and has years of warranty for its electrical products.

There are several types of channel letters. We present them below so that you can define which one would be appropriate for your business.


  • Channel Letter with standard front lighting:
    Its aluminum structure with plastic front makes these business signs one of the most chosen by commerce. It also allows you to add acrylic or polycarbonate finishes that make it more durable. It lights up internally with led lights or neon.
  • Halo Lit Letters:
    When what you are looking for is distinction and refinement, this commercial sign is indicated. Like the reverse channels, the halo-lit letters are backlit and made of aluminum.
    Its type of lighting produces a vibrant halo effect: its internal lights shine and reflect on the sides of the walls or gutter backs oppen where they are erected.
  • With front and rear lighting:
    The perfect and superior combination of those mentioned above.
  • Open FaceIlluminated Channel Letter:
    With internally installed neon lights, this type of business sign is made of aluminum on its back and sides.

How to find the right sign designer?

At Loyalty signs we have a highly qualified staff that guides you through every step of the business sign design and installation for your business: channel letters, reverse channel letters, monument signs, pylon signs, light box, interior signs, storefront signs.

We carry out concrete actions that allow us to provide you with more tools. For example, we visit the commercial area where you have your business.

We care about being clear about the needs and objectives of our clients. We accompany them so that they can have a led sign that creates big impact, being recognized for its style and quality.

Before making the final decision, we will offer you the possibility to observe on a virtual board how your LED sign would appear after its installation. As you can see, we make sure that our customers are completely satisfied.

Finally, do not forget that we have a guarantee for the electrical system of the billboard.

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Extremely amazing work. they helps us to obtain all the necessary paper work to get our sign. Great personnel and amazing customer service
Awesome work from the team at Loyalty Signs. Very professional, they consistently followed up with our property management team and the city and did all the work. Finished product is exactly as expected!
Alethia Gulabe
Alethia Gulabe
Very professional, constant communication.Very happy with our final product. Amazing work ⭐️ 💫!!!
Great service!
Muy buena empresa, con muy buena atención, rapidez y fiabilidad. Me ayudaron en todo momento, gracias por el apoyo 100% Recomendados
I was doing groceries at a local shopping plaza and saw their truck. I approached the guys working and got a card. I proceeded to call the office and the sales lady was very courteous and nice. I sent my info over for a quote and in less than 24hours we had a quote, invoice and contract signed/negotiated to get the work done the same day. We are very pleased with them and the work they did. They were done in less than 45minutes.
Stania Collins
Stania Collins
Exceptional service from Loyalty Signs in crafting and installing our new storefront signage at Milano's Pizzas! The owner, Richard, personally attended both the consultation and installation, ensuring every detail was meticulously cared for. His hands-on approach, paired with his team's skill and professionalism, delivered a product that not only elevates our brand but also brilliantly illuminates our presence on the street. The vibrant, high-quality sign has become a beacon for customers, leading them to our authentic Italian offerings. A heartfelt thank you to Richard and the Loyalty Signs team for their unmatched dedication and for magnificently bringing our vision to life!
Jose Bautista
Jose Bautista