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There are some factors to take into account when making a sign for business, first of all, what do you need, where are you and what is your goal?

  • When the flow of visitors does not vary in any cycle
  • Detecting the wasted commercial focuses of the area, for example, a parking lot
  • In case you want to gain greater visibility to the accesses to the premises
  • When we identify that it is possible to attract passing clients
  • When our location requires certain special considerations, for example, in manufacturing areas.

What Type of custom Storefront Sign is best for your Store

Depending on the work you carry out, you can choose the most effective type of signage for your premises.

  • Channel Letters
    It is the traditional option, because it is adaptable, durable and effective. It combines the design that the client requires with effective visibility and the possibility of lasting without major maintenance. In addition, its installation is practically immediate and its electrical installation has a guarantee.
  • Reverse Channel Letters
    It is a sophisticated variant of the channel letters, since each letter is enhanced with an individual light, placed on the back, which produces a light halo effect. It is especially recommended in the case of premises that are open at night and the design, in this case, is also adaptable to the requirements of the brand.
  • Monument Signs
    It is a block sign, which can also combine channel letters or reverse channel letters. It is ideal for an entrance, on the ground, at eye level, something that guarantees great visibility. It can be made of stone, concrete, marble, brick or metal.
  • Pylon signals
    It is joint visual advertising at strategic points, such as roads. This structure is installed with a pile and contains several brands advertised in height, from the proximity of these. It is the type of signage that is found in shopping centers that agglomerate varied items.
  • Light Boxes
    It is the option of small merchants, of great durability and economical, it promotes in an effective and simple way. The Light Boxes have LED lights and the entire design is printed on a single plate, something that greatly facilitates its installation, which can be in height or on a pole, as the client wishes.
  • Indoor Signs
    They can be manufactured in aluminium, PVC or acrylic, and combine techniques such as channel letters or reverse channel letters, but adapted to the requirements of a local interior. They can be fixed or mobile, enabling the exclusive option of using them on exceptional occasions, such as exhibitions.

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Custom Signs in Miami

Signs, at present, have become another branch of advertising, as it is considered a determining part of a brand’s identity, at the same level as, in other times, stationery and merchandising could be found.

One of the most effective signage options are channel letters that allow you to include almost any figure, shape, letter, number or logo within a single design.

In addition, it is an adaptable structure, being possible a height or surface installation, with a three-dimensional effect that increases its visibility. Likewise, it has the possibility of including LED lights, so that the letters of the channels light up in different ways, generating different visual effects that set the name, message or figure to be highlighted in the receiver.

Finally, it is important to note that, beyond the client’s own ideas, in this industry project advice is possible, if required, to adapt the option to the aesthetic needs of each case.

How we work

At Loyalty Signs we have a general work strategy where the main engine is the manufacture of innovative and effective signs. Our main ambition is to provide our clients with a creative experience that boosts their business, as well as to support them throughout the process: from design to installation, as well as to follow up on the service. Therefore, we maintain a strict policy of compliance with the following steps:

  • Joint design, more ideas guarantee better results;
  • Maximum precision regarding the appropriate dimensions of the sign;
  • Drafting and virtual tests to verify every last detail;
  • It is installed just after having the OK of all those involved;
  • The electrical system of the commercial sign has a guarantee.

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Signage is a critical advertising medium for increasing sales. Signage design – both indoors and outdoors – requires an aesthetic precision that many are unaware of. Many common errors in signage can be avoided by considering key factors in the design process, installation and maintenance.

The following are technical design principles for creating attractive, effective, high-impact signs:

Keep it visible and readable: less really is more. A short message is guaranteed reading. Be sure to choose a font size that is appropriate for the distance from which you expect your sign or display to be viewed. Equally important is to consider the location, with respect to space, avoiding pre-existing obstacles. Visibility is the most important part of your signage.

Avoid clutter: reading speed depends on the synthetic capacity of the message. A message with too many lines, which combines several languages, is difficult to read and, above all, difficult to fix in the recipient’s memory.

The empty space that surrounds the text and graphics is just as important as the font style, its size, the color, the images that complete the composition, etc.

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