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The biodiversity of the state of Florida is bigger than everyone thinks. It is not only about paradisiacal beaches, warm waters, and a tropical sun. Broward County is one of the most popular areas for tourists because it offers natural attractions that are perfect for those who enjoy wildlife.

Coconut Creek is the ideal neighborhood for those who prefer to go for walks because there are a wide variety of parks, wildlife preserves, and gardens. This entire ecosystem has turned it into a booming commercial area with alternative and original shops and venues.

  • In Coconut Plaza, all the facades of the premises are in neutral colors. A striking and interesting commercial signage will make the business stand out throughout the establishment.
  • The facade of a business is the first presentation of a brand. Finding the colors, the logo, and the lights that reflect the concept of the brand
  • The facade of your business is long-term and 24-hour advertising. Successful brands make sure they have interesting and original signage to stay in the minds of customers.

Storefront Signs for a Shopping Plaza: Tips and Tricks for Success

Signage is one of those small details that can mean the difference between a customer who is interested in your company and one who passes by without looking.Before you start looking, you need to consider the features of your storefront.

In places like Copans Road, pylon signs come in very handy for leaning out onto the road and announcing the presence of the business. But you must consider the viewing distance and other factors such as:

  • They take advantage of the space. A sign is much more than a name; look for a slogan or a short phrase that identifies your business. Not too long, but original enough to create an impact.
  • The perfect storefront lettering for the perfect location A sign for business in Miami works well only if it’s in a good spot. It is not the same to place a sign in Tradewinds, surrounded by trees, than in Park Lyons Plaza Coconut Creek, where there is better visibility.
  • Check your local laws. It is useless to have an interesting and attractive design if it does not comply with the regulations of the city. Approaching customers is fine, but you have to do it carefully.
  • Explore other places. Although the signage that is in your business is very important, going out and exploring new platforms is always very good. Highway billboards or Coconut Creek tourist spots like Butterfly World make a great advertising platform.
  • Look for a uniform style. Keeping a regular logo, font, and color palette will make it easier for people to identify your brand.

What is the right signage for a business in South Florida?

There are different materials, styles, and textures to find the perfect design for each business. At W. Sample Rd. locations, there is endless inspiration. That is why we are going to review the most popular styles:

  • Lightbox: You do not have to spend too much to have an original and attractive sign. They are very efficient because they can be installed in many places and have a lot of visibility from different points.
  • Pylon sign: This option is almost like having two billboards for the price of one. The city allows them to be installed in different spaces on public roads, which increases the exposure of your business: They light up at night, and you can combine texts and images.
  • Monument sign: This is one of the best options for businesses looking to express experience, responsibility, and trust. Copans Road is an area where you can see many structures of this style decorating the corners.
  • Channels letter: If you dedicate yourself to nightlife, this is the best option. These are billboards that emit lights from the bottom. They are very attractive during the day because the aluminum with which they are made allows the use of different colors and finishes.
  • Halo Lit Channel Letter: If you walk through Coconut Creek Professional Plaza, you will surely see these types of titles. Best of all, they can be customized for indoor and outdoor use. You can integrate LED lights, and they are very durable. We love them because they are very striking and reflect the identity of the brand.
A Channel Letter Sign in Coconut Creek's Shopping Plaza

Coconut Creek Signage Makers You Can Trust

An excellent sign can only be designed by the best manufacturer. At Loyalty Signs, we know that the signage is the letter of introduction for our clients, which is why we strive to manufacture the best products.

We have state-of-the-art equipment to reflect the identity of each business in each of our jobs. We have made signs for business in Boca Ratón, Pompano Beach, Homestead and all over Miami. Our creative team has developed the best facades for brands such as Subway, Telemundo, and Sanitas

Our experience and the high quality of our products make us the manufacturer leader in Coconut Creek and throughout South Florida. We want to transform traditional forms of signage into eco-friendly options with great visual impact

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