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Back in the ’70s, ’80s and into the ’90s, Neon lights on commercial signs were popular in American cities such as New York and Las Vegas.

However, technology has advanced at a fast pace, and LED signs are now popular for a variety of reasons, including:

  • improved image quality
  • They are more cost effective because they use less energy.
  • Greater durability
  • Weight loss
  • Installation is simpler, even in the pylon signs

LED vs. Neon: Which is better for commercial signage?

There are several factors to consider when explaining why LED technology is preferred over Neon in the manufacture of commercial signs. Some of them are as follows:

  • Energy consumption: LED signs are better because they use less energy.
  • They’re lighter and more secure.
  • More noticeable in terms of brightness and color, making them more aesthetically pleasing.
  • They can be reused and even have their messages updated.
  • They require almost no upkeep.
  • Longer lifespan, up to nearly a decade, especially good for monument signs.
  • Non-toxic
  • Enhanced brightness and visibility, even at long distances and in bright sunlight
  • Resistance to movement, vibration, and external damage is high.
  • Electrical voltage variations are not a problem.

Neon sign replacement service in Miami

One of the primary reasons why it is recommended to replace neon signs with LED technology is environmental protection.

Neon light has been produced since the late 1800s by filling a glass tube with a low-pressure gas. Because the gas that emits the brightness is mercury, which is highly toxic, when a neon light tube breaks, it contaminates the environment with which it comes into contact.

LED lighting, on the other hand, is built around a semiconductor material (light emitting diode) that emits electromagnetic radiation in the form of light. As a result, it does not pollute the environment.

On the other hand, safety is another reason why old neon signs are being replaced by new LED technology. Neon is connected to a high-voltage transformer with an average voltage of 10,000 volts, whereas the average LED has a voltage range of 12 to 24 volts. Clearly, this is one of the most compelling reasons to switch to LED technology as soon as possible. It should be noted that if the neon sign is to be preserved, it should be protected with a methacrylate housing.

LED technology is also preferred in sign manufacturing for the following reasons:

  • Lower cost: a neon sign can cost up to three times as much as an LED sign.
  • Reusability: Neon signs cannot be reused once they have been damaged. LEDs can be upgraded and reused an unlimited number of times.
  • LED signs have a lifespan of 20,000 to 40,000 hours.
  • Greater color variety: The RGB light allows for a wide range of colors to be obtained.
  • Flexibility: Because it is very malleable, it can be shaped into various shapes without breaking and is simple to work with.
  • Energy consumption: LED technology in Channel Letters consumes significantly less energy than neon light technology. As a result, it is preferred for both economic and environmental reasons.

Loyalty Signs, for example, provides the service of replacing neon signs with LED signs in Miami, Florida. It has the professional know-how to repair or replace old neon signs with more modern, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly technology as an industry leader. For those who are interested, you can obtain a free quote for this and other services by visiting its website.


What you can do with LED signage

One of the most significant advantages of LED technology in the manufacture of signs and luminaires, as mentioned earlier in the note, is its enormous versatility. Because it is a flexible and malleable material, it can be used in a variety of applications, including advertising, commercial, and personal projects.

Light Box, for example, are available in strips that can be cut without sacrificing quality or brightness. They usually have an adhesive on one side, so they can be glued to almost any surface. Because of their properties, they can even be used in areas with curves and unevenness.

In short, LED technology can be applied to a wide range of projects. From advertising signs to customized signs to signs with images, texts, and drawings, we have it all. They can be given the shape desired by the customer through customized and professional designs.

Furthermore, it can be used to stage both private and public events, as well as large-scale events and shows. LED lights in the form of bracelets have recently been used during music concerts to register attendees as well as an eye-catching way to liven up the show without risk. At one point, the audience raises their arms to the beat of the music, lighting up the entire stadium.

However, for those nostalgic and cultured about the flashy neon lights, they have not vanished entirely. There’s even a “Neon Museum” called “Neo Boneyard.” It is situated in the heart of the iconic city of Las Vegas, United States of America. It displays over 150 neon pieces donated by people who have chosen to replace them with LED signs for various reasons.

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