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On any given day, more than 27,000 people will walk through Leisure City, passing countless storefront signs. However, many people in this Miami-Dade County city live in compact suburbs, making it possible for them to see advertisements from their houses or while they stroll through one of the city’s many parks.

The visual advertising alternatives we offer for Leisure City are:

  • Channel Letters
  • Reverse Channel Letters
  • Monument Signs
  • Pylon Signs 
  • Light Box
  • Interior Signs

Choosing front lit channel letters for your Miami-Dade County business


Sign design must be taken seriously to establish the public perception of a brand.

The strategy should focus on visibility, impact and making the business sign stand out from the crowd. That’s why an excellent option is an illuminated sign, which has a number of advantages

They are more noticeable: the most comprehensive way to achieve the visibility and prominence we talked about earlier is definitely a sign with LED lights. This is because it combines an aesthetic stimulus with a visual one, making a greater impact on our perception.
Even during the day, these lights produce a concrete effect on our vision, causing an immediate attraction even at a distance. This differential can become a comparative advantage over the rest of the competitors operating in the same area.

The ideal time for the effective display of a luminous strategy is definitely the night.  This is the time when you are absolutely maximizing your reach with the sign, since, in hours or seasons of low natural light you have guaranteed visibility.

This is the perfect option for nighttime in venues, such as bars or restaurants, although it is an interesting alternative for any kind of venue trying to deploy an “aggressive” outdoor visual advertising strategy.

Illuminated signage enhances brand perception. Small details are key in signage. The fidelity of fonts or logos define the overall presentation. In this sense, there are elements that enhance not only the impact but also the identity of a brand.

An LED sign highlights the will of a company to achieve greater notoriety, as well as, also, inspires a sense of creativity and sophistication that is transferred -immediately- to the product and brand advertised.

How to install a pylon or monument Sign


The monument and pylon signs can be made of different materials, so they can be different from one another. There are ones made of stone, brick, metal, aluminum, or a mix of some of these materials. They can also put LED elements where they make the most sense, such as the name of the brand or a message. Monument signs are mostly used in residential areas, unlike pylon signs, which are made for industrial areas, roads, or fshopping centers. They are usually shorter than 5 feet, so they sit at eye level with people walking by. This makes them fit in well with the environment they are in, so they don’t need to be moved. This isn’t the same as what happens with pylon signs, which are mounted on poles.

We put up signs for stores, businesses, and brands. We do everything, from designing and making the product to getting permits, installing it, keeping it in good shape, and fixing it if it breaks. We have put up business signs of all shapes, sizes, and materials, so we know that our work will be good. Custom signs give you the chance to advertise your business, whether it’s for informational, business, or educational purposes. We can help your brand meet its needs by giving you the best service possible by the deadlines you set. The results will show that they are good.

Advantages of a modern pylon sign in a Shopping Plaza

Pylon Signs are the joint height option for any associated brand or group of entrepreneurs close to areas of vehicular traffic, such as highways, for example. 

They have great similarities with monument signs, since their face is flat and concrete, but, being embedded in a pole, they allow the vision of height, which makes it easier to see them at great distances. It is the classic Shopping Plaza sign, for example, and due to its compact design, it allows the reproduction of raw designs, without involving a great deal of retouching or creativity. 

They are a real combination of efficiency and savings.


Custom LED neon light box signage

Light boxes are a novel variant to display any message, shape or figure, adaptable to logos or custom designs. They are suitable for outdoors, because their materials are really durable and the artistic quality is optimal since this technique highlights colorful details, generating an outstanding harmonic visual impact.

Do you know the reverse channel letter?

Reverse Channel Letters are letters individually cut from aluminum sheets and painted on the front with the chosen color. On the back, they are coated with clear acrylic and internally illuminated, creating a magnificent optical effect that conveys elegance and refinement. The brightness of the internal lights produces a halo on the back of the lettering, which, as in any sign that combines lighting elements, guarantees greater visibility and effective impact, even in times of less natural light.

In this case, the fidelity of the shapes is guaranteed, so it is very useful in case of logos or customized fonts.

Get a business plan for signage company in Leisure City, Fl

At Loyalty Signs, one of our main objectives is to be an attractive and effective investment for your business. Whatever the importance of your advertising project, we are ready to participate and collaborate in its realization with creativity and commitment. We have ideas and strategies of all kinds, adaptable, innovative and accessible, which is why in Lake Wales, Florida, and its surroundings, we have achieved a great reputation and recognition within the industry. Our business practices are reliable and our production terms are effective, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Above all, we are interested in reaching joint decisions with our customers, that’s why:

  •  We offer professional, technical and artistic advice;
  •  We carry out works to real scale, contemplating the particularities of your location; 
  •  We faithfully reproduce your brand credentials such as the logo;
  •  We virtually simulate the final installation for a previous evaluation;
  •  The stages of the process only move forward with client approval;
  •  The final installation takes place at the location chosen by the client;
  •  If you choose a lighted signage, your electrical system is guaranteed.
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