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For those who love the combination of nature and the city, Margate is the dream neighborhood. Located in the southern part of the eastern Atlantic coast, it is one of the main cities in Florida that has a large Latino population and is characterized by its cultural influences in gastronomy, fashion, entertainment, and more.

Among so many products, it is really important that your Miami sign stands out with originality and attracts attention. This area has great commercial potential due to the interaction of a great diversity of people and consumers from all over. For this reason, many choose Margate to unleash their businesses.

Along two well-known avenues that are home to one of the busiest and fastest-growing shopping areas:

  • Atlantic Boulevard stretches from the waterfront to the center of town, with a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars.
  • State Road 7 runs through the city from east to west and has a wide variety of businesses, including grocery stores, clothing stores, pharmacies, and gas stations. It is a very busy street and a popular place for local drivers.

Tips for business outdoor signage in Miami

In Miami, the summers are long, warm, wet, and mostly cloudy, and the winters are short, comfortable, windy, and mostly clear. The custom exterior sign must reflect and resist the subtropical climate that characterizes it. In addition, Miami is one of the attractive centers that attracts the greatest diversity of people and businesses, which requires a unique and original design that has:

  • visibility: Achieving a storefront of the right size with the right lighting and an original design will make it easy for anyone to find your business from the streets or beaches of Miami.
  • corporate identity: The storefront is the image of any business. It reflects and represents the brand’s values and leaves an imprint on people. According to its design, it will be perceived and imprinted in the client’s memory as Lakewood Shopping Center or Palm Lakes Plaza.
  • Energy saving: Many restaurants, such as Anne Marie’s Pizza Co., stand out from other businesses using LED technology. This type of format is 90% more efficient than other lighting systems and has a duration of five or more years.
  • Durability: It is important not to reduce costs when talking about the quality of the material. Aluminum is the most durable material for subtropical climates like Margate. It is low-maintenance and allows for durable and environmentally friendly signage.
Classic Channel Letter from the Margate neighborhood

Ideal Signage Options for Businesses in Margate

As we mentioned before, the design and format must achieve a special effect on the customer’s eye and on the perception of your brand. This impact will directly affect the perception of the neighborhood and its commercial growth.

This is very, very important! The material used to carry out the business will be chosen based on its design and objectives.Because there are many options depending on your use, you can customize it to your liking:

  • Lightbox: These types of signs are made in a box format. They are created using an acrylic outer frame designed to permeate light and LED lighting in a way that highlights the graphics used. Because it is very versatile for indoor use, it is ideal for ensuring that your business does not get lost inside the Village Plaza.
  • Pylon Sign: For humid cities like Margate, this type of signage is excellent for outdoors. It can be seen at service stations and on the outskirts of shopping malls. They are usually illuminated at night since both sides can be seen.
  • Monument sign: El Balcon de las Americas Latin Food is one of the restaurants that achieves the most interaction thanks to its huge sign full of Colombian colors. Monument signs are up to 5 meters high that are designed to reach eye level and achieve greater visual contact. They are located near the streets and pedestrian circulation.
  • Reverse Channel Letters: Margate nights are filled with lighting with this unique design, which is eye-catching and popular with merchants on Royal Palm Boulevard and Atlantic Boulevard. This design is a combination of front and back lighting. The back is made of aluminum, and the face is made of plastic or polycarbonate.
  • Channel Letter: With this design, Applebee’s Grill + Bar in the Shopping Center manages to highlight its identity with a very modern and elegant format. It is made up of three-dimensional displays made of metal or plastic, where each letter is lit up and highlighted in the color you choose.

Reputable South Florida-based signage company

At Loyalty Signs, we know that the process of creating a sign is not as simple as making a name with colored lights. We know the effort behind every business and the expectations of each client. That’s why we create the most original custom products in South Florida.

We have a team of professionals who are continuously trained to make the best and most innovative signs on the market. We work on a regional and international scale, with recommendations from around the world.

Our service is available in a personalized way for each client, so we will be side by side to solve all your doubts and needs at each step. If what you are looking for is to bet on the commercial power of Margate, We will prepare you for the total success of your business with high-impact signage!

Did you enjoy the read? We invite you to learn about Coral Spring commercial signs!

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